Understanding How to Sell a Home with No Equity in Today’s Economy Provides a Valuable Service to Everyone

by Sheree Becker on June 19, 2011

Understanding How to Sell a Home with No Equity in Today’s Economy Provides a Valuable Service to Everyone.


Did You Know You Can Sell a Home with No or Negative Equity in Today’s Market?

Consider this scenario: You go to a real estate professional, you need to sell you house because the financial commitments are becoming too great amid this Global Financial Crisis. The only problem is you have none or negative equity in the property.  The market value is $185,000 and the mortgage note is $210,000.  If you sell conventionally, you would have to pay closing costs, and that would run them close to $10,000.  So now you have a debt of $35,000 instead of making a profit out of the asset you thought was a sure thing. The only winners here are the Banks and the Agents (both Real Estate and Lawyers). The difference between foreclosure and a successful sale is the knowledge of the Real Estate Professional (Not Agent).

How to Sell a Home with No Equity | The facts

If you ask a Real Estate Agent and the answer is ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I can’t sell this house’, then you are leaving of thousands of dollars on the table.  In fact, they are doing a major disservice to the industry and every homeowner because their lack of knowledge is leading to more foreclosures.  More foreclosures lead to lower median housing prices, which eats away at people’s equity, and leads to more upside down (negative equity) homeowners…in which they have no solution for.  It is our responsibility to be educated and understand how to sell a home with no equity.

Unemployment is high and will continue to rise, causing more distressed homeowners who need to sell to downsize their expenses.  Foreclosures are increasing, and will continue to do so until jobs are created again. Home values are dropping and are at their lowest levels in a long long time. The situation we are in now will be here for about 5 more years, maybe longer.  If you have not adopted your real estate strategy and got in touch with a real estate professional that knows how to sell a home with no equity, you will be taking on a debt you do not need too.

How to Sell a Home with No Equity | The solution

The solution on how to sell a home with no equity is to be able to create a real estate transaction that involves owner financing.  In addition to a large amount of distressed homeowners who want to sell but can’t lose ball that money, there are many motivated buyers who still want their piece of the Australian Dream and have money to put down on a house but can’t qualify for traditional financing with a bank or lending institution.

Selling a home with no equity provides a win to all parties involved, a homeowner can sell an ‘unsellable’ house instead of losing their home to foreclosure.  The banks win because they’ll continue to receive payments on their mortgage loan.  The new buyer wins because they are able to purchase a home they otherwise couldn’t qualify for through traditional means.  The neighbourhood wins because a distressed house was sold at below market value therefore keeping values high.

Who Do I See To Make This Happen NOW!

Understanding how to sell a home with no equity provides a valuable service to the entire economy and there are only a limited number of real estate professionals that can make this happen and we are one of them. If you find yourself or know someone in this situation then get in contact with us at We Buy Houses 4 Cash.

Just because your house is upside down doesn’t mean you need to loose!