We Buy Houses Scam

We Buy Houses Scam

Why is it that when someone comes up with a great way to help people out of a jam, others come along and turn it into a scam? The We Buy Houses scam has ruined a lot of lives directly and indirectly.

There are undoubtedly people who have set themselves up in the business of buying houses so they can prey on the weak or the desperate. Those who bully others into taking less than they should or talk them into selling without any advice have made it hard for legitimate operators to work. The We Buy Houses scam affects the sellers and the buyers, too.

There are many home owners who are struggling in today’s difficult economic climate. They face foreclosure or even bankruptcy. They NEED someone to buy their home quickly, for cash and with no fuss. What they don’t need is someone to push them over the financial edge by forcing them to accept a low price. They don’t need someone to make them sign over the deed to their home without discharging the mortgage, taking their only asset and leaving them with the debt they were trying to escape.

There are times when your best option is to sell. If your home is falling down and you can’t afford the repairs or you’ve inherited a home that you can’t afford to maintain, the logical thing to do is to sell up. As our baby boomers hit their senior years they will be looking for a change of lifestyle and will be choosing between the motor home and the retirement village. Retirement villages and nursing homes are very expensive and most people today have to sell their home so that they can buy in. There are lots of circumstances that make selling your home for cash the best option for you. The price that you get might be of less importance to you than the speed at which you can get your money.

If you have made that decision you need to know that you are not dealing with scammers.

Look for a We Buy Houses representative who is a member of legitimate associations such as the Vendor Finance Association, the Financial Ombudsman Service and who has an ASIC Australian Credit Licence. All of these associations are there for the protection of the consumer.

As with any sale, you are entitled to and should get legal advice before you commit to anything, either buying or selling. If you aren’t certain that what you are doing is the right thing for you, then you still have the option to walk away.

With We Buy Houses 4 Cash you will dealing with legitimate people with an excellent trading history and reputation and a part of all the above associations. We don’t bully you. If you want to walk away, you can. If you want to go ahead, we support you through the entire process. We don’t like being taken advantage of so we will never do it to you.

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